Review: Jack the Ripper (1976)

Suddenly I got hold of a copy of a Jess Francos take on “Jack the Ripper” with Klaus Kinski from the 70’s. Thinking this has to be a sleaze-fest, and of course it was.

ripperdvd“JACK THE RIPPER”

Director: Jess Franco
Stars: Klaus Kinski, Josephine Chaplin, Lina Romay
Distributor: Another World
Runtime: 88 Mins.

“I love you! Who are you?”


After the murder of a prostitute in the foggy streets of London (Zürich?), two witnesses come forward to help Scotland Yard to catch the notorious “Jack The Ripper”(Kinski). Kinski is a doctor with a murder obsession, living with a lunatic woman in a house where he brings his victims. A nice doctor during the day, and a prostitute-killer during the night. Obviously he had a strange sexual relation with his prostitute mother as a kid, and this brings forward his psycho-sexual killer instinct. Scotland Yard is closing in on the doctor, while the decapitated corpses keeps on rolling in.


I have to start with the dubbing. What the fuck where they thinking back then? I have seen my share of bad dubbing, but this is almost unbearable. The voices and the sync is beyond sanity.


Accompanied by a very catchy tune, Mr. Ripper is having it his way in the most expoitative way. The girls get whatever you can show on screen in nudity and decapitations. Kinski has to be the perfect casting for such a role, but maybe his character could be a bit more cynical. And what’s the deal with the giggling, obviously gay, Scotland Yard-dude? 70’s kind of humour I guess? A very entertaining flick.

ripper4 Keep an eye on the nice extras on this DVD.