JWD: The Legend of Bigfoot (1976)

Aint nothing like a 70’s bigfoot-movie! I was drunk when i put it on, but it didnt’ stop me from drinking more beer, so i passed out on the sofa, i woke up 04.30 after midnight and had to rewind to where i could remember that i had last seen it. In other words; another sucsessfull friday night.

In this docudrama we follow the slightly cartoonish wild life tracker Ivan Marx on the trail for the legendary beast. I truly love70’s bigfoot movies, man, i dont know exactly why, but it must be something about the old ‘grindy’ pictures of nature and wildlife, the simple but effectiv gorilla-suits and of course that 70’s nostalgia. This is the second or thrid time iv’ seen this ┬źsasquatchploitation┬╗ flik. Ivan Marx is mellow and softspoken and sets a nice atmosphere on this film full of wildlife and breath-taken nature shots….Lots of them and not to much bigfoot. Well, that dosent matter to much, it just adds some mystiyc to the flik and when we see the bigfoots, they look cool and 70’s-ish. The mellow horn music also, sets an atmospheric mood to the flik. This flik can be enjoyed on a weekends night with some cold ones, but it’s not too scary and can also works as a kids or familiy movie, if todays kids and wifes can sit through an old dated flk like this. What more is it to say, yeah im haveing some cold ones right now. See Ya later!!