JWD: Story of a Junkie (1987)

Been watching this ultra_sleazy dokudrama, distributed by TROMA!

We follow this junkie around in the Big Apple. The main character is a real life junkie and so are most or all of the junkies appearing in the film. I was getting drunk, the audio was terrible and my old bulldog kept snoring again (but i have no other places to put him, during the winter) so it was kinda hard the hear all the dialog. But still i liked what i saw, not the destroyed lives of course, but it was such a dope film, a drama flik with that larger-then-life Troma-soul. It’s sleazy and gritty as fuck and it has that American urban 80’s movie-atmosphere, we are truly led to the outskirts of life.. Tried to get my hands on a dvd-copy, maybe three years ago, but to my disappointment; my order was canceled by DVDSTRAX. Last night i saw it on our flat-screen tv on You-Tube, actually. There is a good list of free Troma movies on YouTube. I was saddened to learn that the Lead actor; John Spaceley ,died of aids in the early 90’s. He was shuch an underdog and you really cheer for him in the movie.