JWD: Madman (1982)

Skål, friends! It’s saturday night! I’ve’ had myself a good fuck (im no playboy or anything, just got lucky tonight), iv had eight (0,33) beers (well, drinking my eight right now) and been snacking on a whole bag of ‘Kickers_Nacho cheese. It kinda burns in my gums though, when im drinking my beers.

So, finaly i’v gotten to see this early 80’s slasher; been wanting to see it for years. I am allowed to enjoy myself, aint i right? You probably heard of this one, or even seen this backwoods_campus_slasher. The movie opens with the akwardest’ acapelle_ghost-story_around_the_fire_song you’lll ever hear and i was kinda like; can he just shut up soon, this is akward. It then tries to follow up with a seposed_to_be_hot love making scene in a jacusiy with some boring song and un-sexy round and round moves in the water. Though the main blond in this flik is a nice girl. She looks a little akward, but i would do her, i would be her boyfriend. Question is; how long would she put up with a fuck_up b-movie drunk like me!? Well, it’s basicly about this young adult camp counselors who is at this camp to work with some youths and these counselors are the chessiest group of friends you’ll ever witness. There is this light-brown gye (the of- and-on, kinda- boyfriend of the akwardly hot blond) who is seposed to be really hot, but he’s just looks really really stupid, and he’s ‘soooo matcho’. Thats funny. The gore-level here is verry good , thrilling and entertaining. We get two cool beheadings and some of the victims actually looks really dead after they been slashed and that’s not to often so in many slashers. The story is simple, but the killer, the house and the campus looks really cool. Yes, this an apsolutly worth while 80’s slasher, but O’ so cheesy