JWD: Blood Rage (1987)


U gyes want an update!? N0!? Well, im gonna give it to ya’, since im a lonly bastard. I feel more and more forgotten and less populare. U think i use to much of myself in my reviews!? Well, i think so to. But hey; i guess u want a review on this obscure thrash-slasher or you wouldnt’ continued reading, would you !? We are in this good ol’ drive-in, right, in 1974. And this hot mature mom is making out in the truck with her man, while the twin sons are sleeping in the back. The making-out is getting over to fucking and the boys (ages 11-12 or so) leaves the car (who whouldnt’) and one of the brothers suddely get’s all axe-happy, killing a few make_out-couples, smiring the blood on his slightly «slower» brother, and the «slower» one gets intitutionlised and the psychopathic brother goes free, getting the freedom, the normal mothers-love and a girlfriend. But one day the brother escapes. Thats the plot, my sonny! And let me tell ya’, that madda is a hottie. She was hot as the making out mother; as the «1974»-version and she is a hottie as a grayer 1987-version. I wouldnt’ mind fucking that pussy man. That’s a hot pussie’s on fire, bro! I couldnt’ help kinda droling, man. But, bro…and slasher-siss’; this one of those overlooked «crappy», «fast buried» slasher that never got the change to breed , man. The acting is like…tradic to pretty ok. The hot grey mama kinda plays well, like this worn out woman who worries sick about her adult sons, you know. She is remeberable. The gore level is damn cool, actually; if u worship old-school fake gore like your’s truly. Who dosent’!? Well, yeah what can i say my homie!? Oh Yeah; where you one of those kids who would see a 80’s movie and think damn, i would love to have that badass_synt-instrumental from that movie (you was watching) on tape or cd!? Well, the wating is over? We now have a sub-genre of synt-music called; ‘New-Wave-Retro’ 80’s-retro synt with vibes from 80’s movies, cartoons and video-games). I’ve been listning to that shit for the past three years or so. check it out on youtube and when you have find some artists that you like, then search it spotifi and you’ll find it ,bro, and dont forget to check out the relatied artists for more discoverys! Ok, i saw this one youtube, cos’ our ‘fancy new flatt-screen’ is to fancy for many my of blu-rays and dvd’s. I will start only watching my discs when i have my new mancave up and going, but im just that kinda gye who talks about things insted of doing them, you know. But the youtube version started fucking with me, you know, while whathing the movie, how anyiong is that, ya’ know!? So good luck, my son.