JWD: 2020 Texas Gladiators (1982)

Damn, fell a sleep at the end again.

So….bro’s. This is an early Italian Mad Max 2_ripp off. I did a desperat try to get this one on dvd, some years ago, but tonight i gave in and watched a VHS-ripp on youtube on the flat screen. Boy, so drunk…so tirerd. But i desided it was time to sit down, have some beers (crappy cheap ones) and finaly watch this outcast. So, the world has aperently been nuked and we are in Texas…HAHAHAH!! tHIS is so obvious not Texas, this is Europe, probably Italy. This one was directed by the one and only Joe D’amato, im a big fan, man!! He’s the sleazyest of the sleazyest in Italian B-cinema, also called by his fans and critics as the ‘King Of Sleaz’. He passed in 1999. I have several of his movies on dvd and i have ordered three more, at Martins awsome store (Playcom). Well, damn, this was a fun flik, bro! A slezy (hey, its Joe D’amato), eh…em.. ah…. Uh…so drunk, son! We’re in a cool 80’s post apocalyptic wastland, no wait; a 2020-post apocalyptic wastland. Stuff happnes. Cool cheese-stuff,. Ok, i’ll try to fill ya’ in a little more, i was about to end this review, to drunk. We are at this worksight; a metal & steel workshop or some mine of some kind or they might even be drilling for oil. The audio was kinda bad and YES, my bulldog was snoring in the kitchen. But anyway, this worksight is in order, with employees and this small fascist-like raider with a gestapo-like leader in a huge leather coat (Donald O’Brien) wants to take over this working sight, creating a brutal killing feud. The sleaz and gore level was indeed verry satisfying, though these ingredientses are not always nesasary in a post apoclayptic-cheese fest, but they still work. I enjoyed ‘2020-Texas Gladiators’ verry much, but was there any gladiators in this flick?? Cant really remember, fill me in! And if anybody wants to donate me a copy of this flik on dvd, Blu-Ray or even VHS, please contact or facebook page.