Review: Panic Beats (1982)

Do not cheat on the medieval Alaric de Marnac, not even after his death. Remember that, kids!

paniccover“PANIC BEATS”

Director: Paul Naschy
Stars: Paul Naschy, Julia Saly, Lola Gaos
Distributor: Mondo Macabro
Runtime: 94 mins

“We’re both evil… But I’m more evil than you, idiot!”


A business-man travel with his sick wife to his ancestors mansion for her to relax. But together with his mistress which is one of the housemaids, they plan to kill the wife (which is filty rich). But the greedy housemaid has other plans, and another lover… The bodies keep piling up. But his ancestor, the evil Alaric de Marnac is still lurking in the shadows.


A really entertaining spanish flick, that has all a b-movie fan could wish for. Presented uncut in good quality. This was my first Paul Naschy movie, but definitely not the last. Man, I had a good time. A cool story with twists and turns, gore (in particulary one really visiual murder that slams in your face), beautiful naked ladies, atmosphere and tension.


The Mondo Macabro DVD also had a nice featurette on spanish horror, and an interview with the late Paul Naschy (Jacinto Molina).


Fun facts: The mansion they used for the movie used to be General Francos estate, where the car he got from Hitler were still in the garage, and his personal letters were still in the drawers.