JWD: Svart snø (2014)

Norsk videovold!

Steinar Harding is on his way home to celebrate new years eve with his girlfried. Suddenly he wakes up by the wheel on the side of the road out in the freezing winter woods, somewhere in Norway. He has flagrantly crashed and has a significant memory loss (like my beersoked brain) and the only hint of where he comes from is the black oil spilled behing his car, kinda like the yellow brick road i guess. He suddenly starts to attack/killing off all those gyes in this automobile workshop out in the freezing middel of nowhere, letting loose the dryest and cheesiest onliners. Some of the mekanics are shot and killed off and comes back to life over and over again(!?) And is his girlfriend a hostage at the workshop and is Steinar one of the bad byes trying to gatter ransom on his own hot blond; Siv (!?)

This flick is all about political incorectnes, making shameless fun of everthing in the Norwgain society; slow drivers, bikeriders in the middel of the road, gays, pedophiles, Breivik jokes, muslim Jokes, Blond jokes, Jew jokes, racism jokes, sosialism, Christianity, adultery Ect..

You know what, maddafakka!? I actualy saw this movie at Oslo Fright Fest-2015. And i guess it was that gye who did the soundtrack, who came over to me and he told me; «I/we where watching you watching our movie and you where applauding and laughing along». And he said; « If you buy a dvd from me, you will get my autograph and a refelctor (with the ‘Svart Snø’ logo on it). I of course did so, because i was so wasted that i had forgott the move right after it was over. But the gye who came over to me was wasted to. So, i have now tried to watch it again and i couldnt’ remember shit about it and it didnt’ help that im drunk, again, and my mom walked in, in the middel of the movie all chattery like bla..bla…bla and witnessing all the sleaz. But still, what can i say!? This is stupid, lame, but fun, shit.
It’s verry violent and the Norwegain winter darkness-mode made it pretty interesting. But nothing that made me jump for joy. If you wanna watch it; fine! But i must say; it didnt’ suck, but it certainly didnt’ rock my nutsack either. The most enjoyable in this movie for me; was watching Steinar running around in the darkness, killing of alot of gyes and wearing nothing but a yellow reflector vest …And of course the non-stop oneliners.