JWD: Seedpeople (1992)

Ok, here’s the deal; as alaways been working hard and looking forward to a beer and b-movie-weekend, after the miss and kid has has gone to bed of course, but somthing has to be fucking with me. You see, as i might have said before me and the familie has gotten our self a new house and…wait a minute.. gotta’ drink some…oh yeah..kompils (cheap norwegian beer)

And yeah. But the flat-screen that my lovley girlfriend’s gotten us, fucks my movie experience over and over. The screen picture looks perfect, but the audio, man.. It.s like sort of ok when the audio is ok, but when the dialog is low it’s all soooooooooooooo fucking fucked, bro! But i tryed to ignore it (again), it,s not seposed to be that way, is it my USB cabel?? I guess not, cos’ the picture is perfect. So i tried for fifty minuets or so to figures the sound out, like most of the movies i’v seen since we moved in to this new house, but i cant, can sombody help me, please?? What i at least ask for is sympati from a fuck up B-movie_geek fanatic to another. … Lord im gettin’ drunk man, and listning to the nORWEGIAN Rocka Billy_underground Rocka Billy band ; ‘Teddy Trigger & The guttling guns’. But i really, really wanted to watch this flik and it was really kinda’ an FULLMOON movie with a grown up (suppose to be young) blondy with a same age aunt who carries around a bigass camer to prove the smal-town people are space-seedpeople.. How about an android phone, you Melrose place retard. Even though i had major trouble with the sound during this movies, i ended up liking the hell out of it. One of the coolest FULLMOON movies i’v seen so far. My kind of B-shit!!