JWD: Revenge of the Ninja (1983)

‘Revenge Of The Ninja’ is a damn badass, good-old Cannon group flik that is high on action, inventive bloody violence, dated cheese and somewhat imbarasing steriotypes (like the out-of-place sidekick-cop of Cho Osaki). Some akward sistuations as well like; «Where did those gyes come from» or «why did Cho deside to beat up these gyes».

The O’ so skilled ninja warrior Cho Osaki (ninja_movie_icon; Sho Kasugi)
is forced to flee from Japan to America when his entire family is massacred by a clan of ninjas, leaving only his infant son and his dear ole’ ninja-mom alive. It’s a familie tradition to be massacred on the family’s old land, it seems like. Well adupted on American soil and running a gallery of eastern art, through the help of a friend, he is suddenly starting to being bothered by a bunch of cheesy 80’s_bullies. They are after Cho, his now six year old ninja-son and his poor old mother. But why and are his American friends really all that? And when those dickheads messes with his only living son to get to Cho Osaki, they have messed with the wrong ninja and awoken a true eastern killer-demon.

I really enjoyed myself with this one; chewing kingsize-cheesedoodles and drinking cold ones and drinking even more beer while wrighting this ‘review’ and listening to Tesla Boy. Oh…Oh… I almost forgot. I mean man; what a climax!! Must be at least ten minutes of man-to-man ninja-showdown with some damn badass James Bond-ish tricks up their sleeves; i was breath-taken. Are you a fan of 80’s violent cheese or ninja-movies, dont miss out one this one!