JWD: Killjoy (2000)

FULLMOON and beer in da’ hood tonite!!

Lately I’v fallen back Big Time on Hiphop music. A genre i havent listen much to since junior-high school. And some of the stuff i started listening to is; ‘Insaine Clown Posse’, ‘Twiztid’ and the badass; ‘Blaze Ya Dead Homie’. Kinda’ clown/ horror rap-stuff. I’v always been fasinated by evil and creepy clowns and this flik is about an evil clown-demon in the hood. Which remainds me; i gotta’ get my ass startet on the Stephen King-classic novel; IT, wich i’v been wanting to read since i saw the movie as a kid, my girlfriend bought the book for me when she was over in the states. But hey; over tonight’s movie. I’ll give it to ya’ right away, man. I did not dig this movie, it was a disapointment. The second Fullmoon-disapointment i’v had in a row; the other being ‘Gingerdead Man-Passion Of The Crust’ (2008). ‘Killjoy’ it’s about the neardy dude; Michael, was his name!? His madley in love with this hot sista’ who is the girlfriend of this no good-badass gang-leader. But the hot sista’ is kinda’ of a good girl and kinda’ likes Michael too; which is not good for Michaels life who has been bullied his whole life. But Michael has had enough and summen upon the sceary girly-kinda’ clown-demon; Killjoy with a hoodfashion afro-Pippi Longstocking haircut. This movie didnt’ make me laugh much and it didnt’ satisfy my gorehound/horror-lust either. What kinda saved this movie from really sucking was actually the hot black chicks beeing woohooed…and the Killjoy looked kinda’ badass to. I kinda felt like i was watching a boring Blaxploitation flik. A movie dont’ have to be a blaxploitation flik just because’ all the cast are black (and one latino), you say!? Well, not so, not so in the mind of a b-movie geek-sicko. Maybe the sequels will be cooler. By the way;’Killjoy’ actually kinda reminded me of the goofy shot-on-video horror-comedi; ‘Scarecrow’.