JWD: Gisela – Herskerinne av Victoria Terasse (2014)

This pages first naziplotation review is of a Norwegian tribute/parodi on this tiny sub-genre.

We are in Trondheim, Norway, in the year 1943 (…or so). The Germans has occupied Norway and has made Victoria Terrasse one of theire’ bases. We meet two Norwegian rebelions fighting agains the Nazis; ‘Max Anus’ and ‘Stakan Brunsteby’ (a parody on two real-life legendary Norwegian resistance rebelions during WW2; Max Manus & Gunnar «kjakan» Sønsteby). The new ruler of Victoria Terrasse is the she-wolf; ‘Gisela’. An obvious parody/tribute to Dyanne Thorne’s iconic character; ‘Ilsa-She Wolf Of The SS’_1975 And even Macha Magall’s character; ‘Dr. Ellen Kratsch’ in ‘SS Hellcamp_1977 (at least i like to think so). Macha Magall is dangerously hot! And So is Dyanne Thorn and so is Susanne Ingdal who playes ‘Gisela’. Susanne Ingedal fits her part well and playes on Dyanne Thorn’s charachtersistics; like that insane smile and terrifying look in those big blue eyes.
‘Gisela-Herskerinne Av Victoria Terrasse’ is a micro budget trash movie (ca 30.000 NOK) and it really really shows.

It’s a fun take on the Italian naziplotation flix of the 70’s, but i must say; it’s pretty lame, the audio is terrible (at least i hope so or else it’s my blu-ray player who’s fucked) and i was ecspecting a whole lot more of sleazy violence and sex. Still the audio is also kinda funny; the actors speaks Norwegian with the most tragic broken German acsent you’ll ever hear (no reason not to see this movie; You’ll get it in both English and German sub-titles).
You also get the insane nazi-doctor who’s working on making the perfect nazi-soldier, which results in a couple of cool hybrids for our entertainment exclusively. What did it for me was the hot little nazi-honnies and the somewhat colorfull characater; Max Anus, played by Gisela-director Gaute Lo. And the nazi-hybrids of course.

Im sorry that i cant give it a much higher rateing, couse the cast and crew behind this movie was all so verry nice people to talk to, especially director Gaute Lo and Susanne Ingedal…I was drunk and all over Susanne Ingedal like some crazy fan. Met the gyes at Oslo Fright Fest 2015, though i didnt’ see the movie. I missed out on it and went drunk-hoarding a bunch of dvd’s and talking to a whole lot of cool and interesting people. I didnt get to much out of Fright fest 2015…always drunk, man.