JWD: Gingerdead Man (2005)

Bitch, im shuch a sicko-fuckhead.

Been looking forward to watch ‘Gingerdead man’ this whole week, man. Been working hard as usual. I put it in my fucking blu-ray player on my woman’s new fancy flat-screen and the audio-sound must of course fuck me off!! Ok, i tried to tune the audio. And my lady even tryes desperatly to tune the audio to calm my fucking drunken-add rage outbursth…wich is not pretty, bro’! Ok, so, i calmed down and tried to make the sound better and what’s fucking wierd is that it got a little better, but not good. The audio is fading when it’s no background sounds and when the main girl is crying i really cant hear anything, becouse the audio is so crappy and my fucking ole’ bulldog, Ulf, is snoring so fucking loud as always. Man, why cant i just get some ego-geek time?? Ok, the sound got a little better, and i acutualy watched it for the second time, the same night, with more beer. The movie is only a fucking hour long, bro’…and sis’. And i liked it a little more. Ok; This serial killer is getting gun downed in some diner and one young hottie survives and opens up a backery and the killer’s aches is getting mixed in some of the dough and the Gingerdead Man, Gingy, is awokend and raising hell and killing people off, looking badass. Oh, and the most known actor in this flick is the killer himself, i guess; Gary Busey and voice of ‘Gingy’, am i rigth!? Well, after watching it two drunken times in one night i learned to kinda love the charaters. Im horny on the main girl, but i cant remember her name. I liked the badass ‘hero of the day’ with a percing in is eyebrow and a southern acsent. And i usealy dont have a gandma’-fetich but the old drunken lady and mother of the main girl was kinda’ hot. And the latino-friend of the main girl was fucking hot too. Yeah!! And yeah; FULLMOON FEATURES is the fucking shit, bro!!