JWD: Capture of Bigfoot (1979)

Heyyyy, whazz up?? Allright; ‘Capture Of Bigfoot’ was released by TROMA back in the day.

And it’s, if i don’t mistaken, one of Lloyd Kafaman’s, Uncle Lloyd’s, top five list of his personal worst movies that has ever come out of Troma. I guess it’s not to urban for him. I, myself, are used the smal towns and now we practicly live more or less out in the woods in our new house. I am personly not a big city person at all. It’s like when ever i get my ass into Oslo; it’s like it’s New York or somthing. Ehy, dont get me wrong; i wanna experience New York and i can enjoy Oslo, but a weekend in Oslo is enough. Though i love love LOVE urban action movies (blaxplotation, eurocrime or just plain 70’s, 80’s and 90’s action movies)

Well, what ever! It’s still winter, right?? I remember the first time i saw this flick, was couple of years ago, when we lived in comunety of Råde. I had four beers, it was at the hart of winter and after the movie i went out walking the dog in the snowy weather, just feeling the movie. To night i had ten beers or so; Fagerhult 5,3% and it’s 02.30 AM, so i just have to go to bed man! I was actualy gonna: a, cant remeber. But the Bigdoot’s kinda look like like swolen, blown up hamsters. And white. I guess this kind of race-bigfoot’s turn white doring the winter. I really enjoy this winter movie and i fall in love with the place and the charaters, when i watch this flik. It’s an underestemaded Bigfoot-movie. And u can really feel the freezing outdoors. And the opening song is just wonderful. And i love the late 70’s American winter-nostalgia.

OK then, i guess it’s like that. OH, oh..oh. I was really in the mood to watch ‘Gingerdead Man 2-Passion Of The Crust’, but my blu-ray player started fucking with me again; the tray would not open!!!! So i desided to Watch ‘Capture Of Bigfoot’ on youtube on our new flat-screen, you see i have the movie on dvd, but it’s kinda lost in the moving. Been listening to the ‘Tesla Boy’ singel; ‘Keyboards And Synts’, while wrighting this review.