JWD: Blacula (1972)

SO…. his bite was out of sight…and he grooves beyond the grave to try to free his fellow slaves. Or somthing like that. At least give me credit for trying to be funky here man, for trying to groove , madda!!

Shit, it’s late again and i sould try not to drink more, but let me grab another beer bro’, and let’s listen some badass stuff, bro’! Ok, i put on The Iceburg/Freedom Of’ Speech..Just Watch…stuff from 1989…On Spotify. I had that album on cd back in the day. Ok, let me take a sip of my pistionhead custom lager-beer, bro’. Allright, this black count travels to Transylvania for a couple off or three hundred years ago to deal with the one and only living-dead; Count Dracula, to stop the slave trading, man! But the Drac bites, the black count and kills of his beautiful wife with the help of his undead phantoms. And Dracula curses him to be a child of the darkness and names him; BLACULAhahaha!! A couple’a funky gays’ kinda inheritige count Dracula’s castle and drags over some funky stuff over to Los Angelse (i think)…including Blacula’s old coffin, where he awakes and start sucking blood and looking for allies in funky night clubs, where he finds a recanation of his late wife…like the classic Dracula-story. He sharmes the hot dark lady, but her best friend and her best friend’s_blaxploitation_steriotypical; cop boyfriends dosent’ like the count-ish Dracula-lika brotta And the hell breaks loose!! This flik is the right recepy for some beer-soaked b-movie_weekend entertaintment and blend’s cheesy urban_action with gothic horror like you never would think was possible. This is the legendary horror_blaxploitaion flik u have probably heard of and im so drunk and i loved all the ‘office cop scenes’. I’ll try to to fix and starightend up this review tomorrow, or i’ll just send it in as it is man, dont give a fuck, man!!