Review: Zombie (1979)

Zombies walking on the bridge into New York City accompanied by Fabio Frizzi’s classic soundtrack. Maggot-ridden zombies rises from their graves ready to slit some throats. Zombies fighting sharks under water and the most eye-popping scene in the whole history of cinema. Here’s the classic “Zombie” aka “Zombie Flesh Eaters”.


Director: Lucio Fulci
Stars: Tisa Farrow, Ian McCullough, Al Cliver
Distributor: Blue Underground
Runtime: 92 Mins

“When the earth spit out the dead they will come back to suck the blood from the living.”


An abandoned boat sails into the New York harbour. When the police enter the boat, one of the policemen gets brutally attacked and killed. A journalist travel down to the Antilles together with the daughter of the boat-owner to find her father and try to shed some lights over the situation. They hook up with the couple who rents the boat and get to an island of ugly man-eating zombies.


What a superb thrill-ride of gore, music and one iconic moment after another. Lucio Fulci found his niche with this movie, and made six fantastic splatters in a row. Oh man, this movie is entertaining all the way. A must-see!
A classic in zombie-movie making, it might even be better than “Dawn of the Dead”.


An amazing BLU-RAY. The quality is very nice, and has an extra disc with tons of interviews from almost all of the crew and beyond.