JWD: Stagefright (1987)

This stylish, 80’s euro-slasher is the debute full length movie of Italian director; Michele Sloavi, who did perhabs the best (gothic) horror/comedi ever made; ‘Cemetery Man’. He also did the cult-horror movie; ‘The Church’, wich i havent seen yet. Buuuuurrrrrp!! Obs…sorry, getting late, been alot of beers, gyes.

Ones seated to watch this flik; you are let into a theater of cheese that screams and shakes you-of the 80’s. We are in this old theater where an dress rehearsel is taking place, a kind of rock-dance show and the next night is opening night. The same night a mentaly ill pasient (a serial killer who has killed of 16 people or so) escapes an asylum and ends up the theater. He kills of one woman out side the theater and after a little Ā«moarningĀ», the director desides that the show must go on (he’s almost broke and is desperat for the shows sucsess) and locks the only door to the outside. The key gets lost and the madman is unfortunatly lock in on the inside with the dancers. What follows next is a gory, giallo-stylish murder-rampage, that truly brings forworth the bad/synical and good , mostly the bad/synical , when it comes to survivel and fearing for your own life. Topped with a thick layer of 80’s-thrash movie-cheese and a pulsing rhythm. It’s suspenceful, has verry nice camerwork and the colors looks splendid. The actors here are not that worthy to mention to much about, must of them are just flat and dull, though some of them add some colors to the screen. I can mention; the sinical director of the show (dont ask me what actor) and the verry entertaining and fasinating character-actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice who always gives his all and her portraits a gay dancer. ‘HICCUP’!!
The ending is kinda cheesy and simple and the theatrical killer looks cool and scary with is hugh owl mask.
Now; if i where you, i would pop my beers and watch this euro_slasher, that is often mistakend for a giallo. I kinda really dug it.