JWD: Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

HO-HO-HO!! The legendary christmas-movie that was desired banded by the ‘parent-Teacher Association’!!…what a sorry crowd, man. Dry-cunts. HICCUP!!
Our young friend ‘Billy’ (William) witness some one close to him beeing slashed off by an evil crook in a santa-suit and christmas i ruined for ever. He and his baby brother survives and is placed in a childrens home run by some nuns. Some of them are nice and some of them are quit vicked. Burrrp-burp!!

William who is traumatised and who is actually behaving pretty well is forced by a certain Mother Superior (one of the most rememberable and well played characters in the movie) to embrace christmas and to «make up with Santa Clause». And when he dont behave; William is punished. Wich only triggers his psychotic tendences and How will he reacted when he’s all grown up and is let out in the real world.

Well, it starts out pretty well and William get’s a job at ‘Ira’s Toys’ (with all the cool nostalgic 80’s toys you can ever imagine )and gets to works for a certian Mr. Sims (another verry remebrable character). But he’s bullied by a co-worker and it’s christmas time… AND FOR CHRIST SAKE; dont make him wear a santa-suit!!

‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ is a perfect christmas-slasher stuffed with that lager-then-life-American-80’s-nostalgic-christmas-atmosphere. It has a really good psychological background-story and character deveopment on the killer and you feel for him. The slasher-scenes are pure eye-chistmas sweets. Good camera work, atmospheric locations and editing…NICE!!

It also has plenty of moments of über-cheese and comical situations as well.
What first comes to mind is the «sledding-scene»; when a couple of young teens are gooing sledding and are bullied by some older boys, probaly in theire’ early/mid twenties, who beats them up and steals theire sleds. What happens next should give every slasher-fan the christmas spirit.

And last but not least; all the priceless nostalgic 80’s-christmas decorations. Every year when i see it now, i discover some details i missed the year before.

…A christmas tradtition!