JWD: Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong (2013)

This here is a wild and plain-stupid horror-stoner comedy, where The Gingdead Man and The Evil Bong meet’s up for the first time. Both of them have theire’ own film-series wich are products of the bad-ass B-movie production and distrubution company; Full Moon Features. (Hail!!-HICCUP…BUUUURP)!!

Gingy; the demonic gingerbread serial killer is after revenge on the hottie Sarah Leigh for being responsible for making him live in the body of a gingerbread man. At the same time Eebee, the Evil Bong, is unleashed once again and terrorise some gyes at the local bong-shop. Sarah who owns the local bakery and Larnell, who owns the the local bong-shop (Dick(‘s) Head Shop) must work togheter to defeated theire demons. Trick is; to get Gingy to take a puff from the Evil Bong so he might get lost in the supernatural stoner-univers of Eebee, the Evil Bong.

Unfortunatly i have still not seen any of the other Gingerdead Man/Evil Bong movies, but i have the feeling that this one is one of the weaker ones in the series. I was trying to get my hands on both the Evil bong and The Gingerdead Man box-sets but didnt sucseed; i really wanna watch all of them like fuck. Still i was verry charmed by the whole Gingerdead Man/Evil Bong shit. I didnt’ get high though, never been much of a pot-head, but i enjoyed my christmas ales (dont be confused; it’s not a christmas-movie), im much more of beer-drinker. This flik has also alot of hot topp-less babes with small string-panties that made me horny. But my favorit babe was the blond cutie who works in Sara’s bakery. A sweet Ā«innocentĀ» blond. I littuarly had to pause the movie to jerk off; and im not sixteen years old, im in my early thirties.

Well, this was an entertaining ride i had with plenty of eye-candy (the naked babes and priceless cake-demons-rubber suits) at my temporaily ‘man-cave’, with more or less no heat while slurping my ales.