JWD: Black Samson (1974)

Blaxplotation, my man! Beer!! Some white gangsters wanna take over ‘Black Samsons’ hood, man. They wanna sell dope of course. And the main crook, the #1 badass-sleazbag charater actor ; William Smith is ready to do everything. He treats his young blond hottie (e’ sikklig litta’ tulle’) as a punching bag; and she loves it.

He’s a real man, you know, and i kinda love the scumbag. I would grow the same mustasje, grow the same hair and wear the same kinda tuxedo, be as man as he is, but my girlfriend would leave me; as she hates mustasjes and mullets, bro. Well, but the white gangsters will do everything to get to the guru-like ‘Black Samson. Even messing up Black Samson’s ‘baby’, who must have the biggest Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats-hair cut you’ll ever witness. It’s not even hot. Well, im drunk and cold and thinking about dad-in-law. Black Samson will have non of this bullshit of course and beats down every mother fucker with his African-pole, that stands in his way. Yeah this blaxploitation flik was really bad-ass, man, liked it! Not among the best ones i’ve seen, but pretty good and the climax is super cool. Groove music and cool video-violence. Oh; And Black Samson keeps a big trusty African lion as a pet. Im sure Blaxploitation fans will enjoy it!