JWD: Almost Human (1974)

Euro_Crime time!! Umberto Lenzi time!!!!, Henry Silva time!! Tomas Millian time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, it felt good getting kinda drunk and watching a Poliziotteschi movie again.
The one and only Tomas Millian deilvers perhaps his best performance ever in this Euro_crime cult-classic and he playes this low-life scum, an highly dangerous psychopat-killer, Giulio, who you just really, REALLY love to hate. He even has a girlfriend, poor woman. He cares for no one, ecsept for him self and if it was up to him, he would kill off the whole world, it seems like, ones he grows tired of some one. He’s sort of an underdog of the more respected crimelords in the city and is given jobs as a «minor-boss», wich inclueds bank robbery while leading a smal band of thugs and he is beaten half to death, crying for his life, everytime he screws up and ends up killing alot of people. One day Giulio figures out that being kicked around by the bigger bosses ain’t making him a rich and respected man, so he gathers some sleazballs and starts planing a kidnapping of some wealthy mans young hottie-daughter with a cute miniskirt. Which leads them on a ruthless killingspree, that for them, or for Giulio at least is all fun and games.
The lawman to stop them is the hardass; Henry Silva and he’s right for the job; humorless, determinde and mean as led.

Almost human is a Euro_crime flik of the ultra-violent sort, fast paced, sleazy and gritty. And with a splendid and symbolic climax in the city slums.
Now; cool youre’ beers!!