Review: Frauen Für Zellenblock 9 (1977)

The moaning in this flick was so badly dubbed I constantly had to check my stomach. Woah!

Director: Jess Franco
Stars: Karine Gambier, Howard Vernon, Susan Hemingway
Distributor: Ascot Elite
Runtime: 78 mins.

“We’ll be helping the government, and amuse ourself at the same time.”


In a banana-republic somewhere distant, a sadistic woman by the name of “Loba” is helping the ever changing governments with a prison full of women that “work for the resistance”. And this gives Loba and her accomplice Dr. Milton great pleasure. They capture three girls as “terrorists” and put them in a hole in their prison (naked of course). Will they manage to escape the torture and degredation and finally break out?


Jess Franco made shitloads of movies on a shoe-string budget. And when the story is bad, he had to drag the scenes further and further to get over the 60-70 minute limit. That’s clearly what he did here! This is cheap as hell! Still there’s always something about Francos movies that makes them interesting (besides all the nudity).


Jess Franco regular Howard Vernon has a strong presence (as always) as the torturer. There’s especially a very unpleasant torture scene with dr. Milton’s homemade instruments that get stuck with you. There’s also a long dragged out scene with the three women in a lake that supposedly has crocodiles in it. It’s so long and badly done I got embarrassed all by myself.
The most interesting thing about this movie was how in God’s name Karine Gambier’s character always had the perfect make-up and hairdo through out all the shit she went through.


spoiler alert: this does not end well!

On the upside, the “Jess Franco Goya Collection” BLU RAY was of very high quality. Looking forward to the other release in my shelves…