JWD: Silent Night (2012)

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WAZZZZ UPPP my mans!! IM drunk in my cabin, way out in the wood-lands and you can blame the christmas-ale. Hmm…let’s see- ‘SILENT NIGHT’;

HO HO HO!! This is truly a stupid (clever?) remake of the 1984-cult classic; ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ and a tribute/parody on the whole tiny sub-genre of ‘christmas slashers’ in geneal really-verry ‘Hobo With A Shotgun-ish.

It’s about this small town where everybody knows every one and it’s troubled with a santa-massacre on christmas-eve.
A young female deputy is on the case (on her day off) but, wants to stay in bed, but is pushed around by her ice-cold boss, the sheriff, played by Malcom Mcdowell( viddy-well little Alex, Viddy-well). You see christmas eve is a verry though night for her and with good reson.

When i started watching this flik, i thougth this would be a drag and i was really confuced about if this was a silly parody or just a really crappy movie (of todays standards.)
The acting ballances between thin and really crappy, but then i started to notice all the cliches and all the references to not just ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’, but also many of the other ones like; ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night 2′(and even part 3!?) , ‘Black Christmas and ‘Dont’ Open Till Christmas’ as well (!?).

The gore factor is high, though not extreme and all the christmas decoration and effects made this movie kinda like a halloween themed horror movie, see my point, though it’s obviously chistmas.

Seemes like Malcom Mcdowall is trying to talk American-english but his british accent bleeds through like fuck, if he does it on purpose, it’s really hard to say, but’s that’s what makes this movie kinda fun. It’s sooo full of akward dialog, situations and charaters…used up cliches. But i got it and it made me laugh.

And of course that shallow steriotypical «christmas slasher-ending and back ground story.»

hmm…question is; will i watch it next year and make it a christmas tradition.