JWD: Christmas Cruelty (2013)

A charming piece of christmas-sleaze.

This wild, silly, amateurish, violent and entertaining Norwegian christmas-slasher is about this sicko middel aged gye who aparently lives a normal familie life, but who is a derange, psychotic psychopat-killer behind a santamask, during the cold nights of christmas.

The look and feel of this movie is exstremely amateurish and that’s exactly what it is…apparently.
The music-choice is really weird but kinda nice at times also. The editing reminded me of some film-student experimenting for fun and it got kinda anoying at times, but i did my best to ignore that and i just tryed to enjoy Norways first real christmas-slasher.

It’s alot of cheesy humor in here that feels kinda lame, but also funny at times and alot of it made me laugh. But when it i came to the santa-slaying scenes, my laughing (almost) stopped, They are quite uncomfortable to watch; sick, disgusting, ultra-violent, gory, tradgic, awesome!! uh…other shit!?; We see alot of references to other classics/cults in ‘christmas-cruelty’, including a short tribute to the spagetti-western genre in the «bying the christmas-tree»-scene. A baby is getting killed off, a disabled person is getting taunted and tortured plus other shit. Quite uncomfortable to watch and it screams of political…something. I dont have time to go into that stuff; this a drunk review and i need to get myself another christmas-ale.
What i missed most though; was a background story on the killer and why he become such a perv and sick fuck. I did like the cast though, fun steriotypical Norwegian «Romsdal-types». And i loved to hate the sleazy «Lynyrd Skynyrd»-like character; Magne.

I wasnt’ to impressed after the first watch, but after i slept on it and woke up with a christmas-ale hung-over, my brain had decided that i actually DID like it. And i might even like it more, next christmas.