JWD: Christmas Evil (1980)

A young Harry witnesses «Santa» having sex with his mother. (sniffing her thighs with his santa-beard). This of course later makes him a scizo-fruitcake who belives that he actually is the real santa and he just loooves the good people and children…but the naugty…

At daytime he works at this toy factory, but feels some what uncomfortable for being promoted. You see; he was much more comfortable working at the assembly line where he was close to the toys. At home, in his always christmas-decorated apartment, he spies on the neighbours children with his binoculars, checking if they have been «good» or… «naughty». And if they have been good, they go in the «good-book», if not; they go in the «naughty-book».

His younger brother, now with his own familie, hates Harry for always beeing a wreck and never being the older brother he could look up to, but still he invites him over for christmas. But Harry is to buisey sinking into his santa-personality and christmas spirit, so to speack…and for some certain «naughty» people; christmas is unfortunately approachning.

This cult-classic is a well played ‘christmas slasher-psychological thriller’ about a man who truley looses himself more and more.
And the gye who plays Harry, cant remember the dudes name, really delivers a remembrable and scary performence and it’s really uncomfertable to see how a dangerous mentaly-ill person loosing himself into the voides of madness.

What i didnt like was that i had really bad farts…again. …And dont forget your christmas beer! Merry Christmas!!