Review: The Woman (2011)

“The Woman”! Man, what a terrifying title for a horror-monster-flick. You’ll know for sure that this monster’s gonna bite your finger off and eat it…

1236555717“THE WOMAN”

Director: Lucky McKee
Stars: Pollyanna McIntosh, Sean Bridgers, Angela Bettis
Distributor: Pan Vision
Runtime: 100 mins.

“Can’t have people running around the woods thinkin’ they’re an animal… its not safe.”


The lawyer and family-man, Christopher, discover a “wild” woman living and preying in the nearby forest when he goes hunting. He decides to take her down to his cellar to “civilize” her. With his submissive wife, troubled teen-son and his shy and secretly pregnant teen-daughter this will change their, on the surface, perfect middle-class american lives forever.


Made by the director who gave us “May”(2002). A pretty dark, exploitative, allegorical drama-psycho-horror hybrid. A crossover between Todd Solondz “Happiness” and Wes Cravens “Last House on the Left” in atmosphere. An unpleasant joyride through an abusive and dominant father/husbands perverted thrills.

woman3As much as this is a remark on the misogynistic dominance by men, it can also be seen as a politic remark of USA trying to dominate and civilize the crap out of others. Well played. Interesting characters. Nice script, with a lot of good surprises. The special effects could probably have been better, but the movie works fine without it.


A fresh and unsettling horror-flick. Go see it!