Review: Pieces (1982)

You don’t mess up someones nearly finished jigsaw-puzzle. You just don’t! Especially not this crazy fucker’s!

pieces cover“PIECES”

Director: Juan Piquer Simón
Stars: Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Jack Taylor
Distributor: Arrow Video
Runtime: 82 mins.

“The most beautiful thing in the world is smoking pot and fucking on a waterbed at the same time.”


A young boy puts together the pieces of a nudie jigsaw-puzzle, when his mother catches him. The hysterical, pietistic mother hits the kid and furiously search the room for more “filth”. The young boy hack down his mama with an axe. 40 years later he’s back sniffing at his mother’s dress and finds the puzzle. Simultaneously with him puzzling together the jigsaw-puzzle, the killer (we haven’t seen his face) chop up some horny female students at a campus (of course!), taking a different body part each time. Who did it? Is it the Bud Spencer look-a-like Janitor, the Vincent Price look-a-like anatomy Professor or maybe the Dean Martin look-a-like Dean (HA!) of the school?


How the hell can the killer use the same fucking chainsaw again and again, when it’s picked up as an evidence early on? Maybe he’s got a closet full of them? Well, who cares as long as he’s using them on young women.


Not the best of acting nor dubbing, horrendous dialogue, some totally stupid (and meaningless) scenes and a killer who sounds like a heavy chain-smoker makes this a highly entertaining and very cheezy slasher!


Grab a buddy and a beer, enjoy the cheeze and look out for crazy kung-fu professors with bad stomach!

Nice looking uncut DVD from Arrow, with a very nice package of extras. Interview with legendary cult-star Jack Taylor, a tribute by a couple of film-geeks/producers, a trailer, an audio track and a nice booklet.