Review: Brothers Till We Die (1978)

Tomas Milian’s badass hunchback criminal is back in his second Umberto Lenzi-feature. I guess Milian’s enormous ego was triggered after only playing second flute towards Maurizio Merli in “Rome Armed to the Teeth” (Roma a mana armata). This time he didn’t only get to play the leading role, but he also played his twin brother.

HunchbackOfBandaDVDR2“BROTHERS TILL WE DIE” (La Banda del Gobbo)

Director: Umberto Lenzi
Stars: Tomas Milian, Tomas Milian, Pino Colizzi
Distributor: Trash Palace
Runtime: 95 mins.

“I want that Hunchback so bad I can almost taste the bastard!”

la banda2

The Hunchback get together with three big-shot criminals to heist a money-transport. The three others are trying to kill the Hunchback in the heist, but he gets away. And of course he comes back at all of them. You don’t fuck with Vincenzo Marazzi! The police tries to get “The Hunchback” as well, tailing his twin brother.

la banda3

I like Tomas Milian, but this was too focused on him and less on the story. Entertaining, but a surprisingly slow-paced Lenzi-crime. This loose sequel to “Rome Armed to the Teeth” lacks both the toughness and pace that has been his trademark. Trying unsuccefully to rely more on the fun. Still it had it’s moments.

la banda4

By the way; This is the first Umberto Lenzi-movie I’ve seen without any woman getting punched in the face…