JWD: The Beyond (1981)

Damn, there are many zombies in this movie; one, two, three, four, five, six…well there are many.

Not not really. Well, there are quite a few. And they come from the seven gates of hell, under a an old hotell in the Louisiana bayou. They are zombies and they are verry rotten and they look cool and ripp people open and eating them and stuff, i think; got drunk, though i’v seen several times before.

Not exactly an Oscar-movie, it’s a Fulci movie you know.
The acting is pretty bad, the dubbing is hilarious and the gore, the cryptic atmosphere and the music is so nice it almost makes me cry.

One of Fulci’s biggest cult-classic and a much enjoyable trip in the ‘sea of darkness and beyond.

Damn…sooo drunk.. HAHAHAHA!