JWD: Don’t Open Till Christmas (1984)

It’s christmas-time in London and the towns «santas» is getting killed off in the goriest ways. 
One of the slayned «santa’s» daughter; a boring and kinda unsexual woman in her thirty’s and her boring boyfriend; a street musician with a flute is on the case.
‘Dont Open till’ christmas’ is a British gory christmas-slasher with a high bodycount and some of the actors deilvers pretty good as well. But the problem is; that it’s fucking gray and boring, as alot of other British movies. The movie drags out with a lot of dry and boring dialog (though some of the dry humor made me laugh also) and it has just an over all gray and dull atmosphere. It’s really kinda hard to say what it is, that makes this movie such a drag, but it’s just so kinda uninteresting and cheese-gone-bad.
Well, it’s not like it’s one of the worst movies ever made, but it’s not a movie i like to revisit anymore…HICCUP!!
It’s really all the gore and santa-slaying that makes me sitt through this flik and seeing it two times is enough; i’ve come to realise that this will not become a christmas-favorit of mine. Other shit i like about this flik is the 80’s christmas-decorations and enjoyed the charismatic actor who turned out to be the killer. Ok, i gotta go open my self another christmas-ale. See ya’ gyes later.