JW: The Tenement (1985)

This obscure 80’s urban thriller/horror is meant to be serious, violent and suspenseful.
Well it is violent? HELL YEAH. And suspenseful? A little.
But could i take it seriously..? HELL NO!

We’re in the slums in the southern Bronx. And this awkward cheesy band of psycotic killers terrorise this Tenement. Smashing, destroying, raping and killing in the goriest ways possible. They have been staying illegal in the tenements basement and have finally been taken away by the police. But they are of course let go the same day and «Chaco»; the sicko-latino gang leader (a reincarnation of Tomas Milian’s sick-fuck character with the same name, in the Lucio Fulci movie; “Four Of The Apocalypse” ??) swearing, high on drugs, that he will take out every household in the building.
The poor residents in the tenement must do what they can to hold Chaco and his no-good psychopats out, even if they must kill to survive.

Like in the Building right; there are all these different people and races (baaaaad actors) and they must learn to fight togheter, and it all turns out really, really awkward and even more cheesy (though some the scenes where really violent and kinda hard and nasty to watch).

And we have of course this young spanish/latino woman who is just a little pregnent, but goes in laber right when the psychopats is trying to kick down the sealed door to the apartment…I mean, come on!
This flick is a real cheese-fest from start till’ end; awkward and weird.
But that doesn’t mean i didn’t enjoy i. I had a really cool beer-ride and it IS really violent, gory as fuck.

Do look for Chacho’s sidekick; Hector; a light african/american with a few asian genes in him.
He wears this samurai/ninja kinda-outfit and slaughter almost every person that comes in his way.
The most unlikeable and unpleasant psychopat i’v ever witnessed on screen.