Review: Vampire Strangler (1999)

I recently reviewed “Orgasm Torture in Satan’s Rape Clinic” by this director, and gave it bad review. I gave him one more chance to redeem himself. Why? Because I’m nice…and there’s some Misty Mundae, hardcore…



Director: William Hellfire
Stars: Misty Mundae, William Hellfire, Lily Tiger
Distributor: Factory 2000
Runtime: 90 mins.

“You are my favourite brother!”

vampire strangler heftig

A young woman (Mundae) is getting strangled twice by some sort of a caped guy. Once while taking a bath & once in her sleep. We don’t know if this is real or her imagination. Anyway, she’s heading over from her shithole appartment in Transylvania to her cousin Johnny (Hellfire) in USA. They jump to bed the first day she arrives…and the second…and third. And who is the tea-drinking stupid guy with mask who dances outside? Nobody cares.

Vampire strangler kysser

Another shot-on-video flick from Mr. Hellfire. The production is as crappy as always. The acting is worse than any politician denying their unfaithfulness. This is the only movie the beautiful Misty Mundae does hardcore sex-scenes as to my knowledge. Is it worth it? Only for the hardcore(you get me?) devotees of mrs. Mundae. There’s still more to it than the last reviewed “Orgasm Torture in Satan’s Rape Clinic”. About half a point more…

vampire strangler suger

It’s a double dvd with lots of shorts and extras. Also a pamplet with lots of interesting stuff. A very nice release for a movie like this!