Review: Pumpkinhead (1988)

I did not get scared, even though it had it’s moments. But I was highly entertained.

pumpkinhead BLU“PUMPKINHEAD”

Director: Stan Winston
Stars: Lance Henriksen, John DiAquino, Kerry Remsen
Distributor: Scream Factory
Runtime: 86 mins.

“Keep away from Pumpkinhead, unless you’re tired of living. His enemies are mostly dead, he’s mean and unforgiving.”


When a group of teenagers comes from the city to redneck-country on a motorcross-drinking-flirting-trip, they accidently kills a local man’s only child. Then all hell breaks loose! His hatred drives the man to visit an old witch in the woods. She wakes up a sleeping demon who’s main target is to kill these teenagers. “The Pumpkinhead” is released!


This is a well executed fairytale about hate and revenge. The monster is a man’s personified hatred after his son’s death. A stylish and atmospheric monster-movie. The monster is well made, but maybe a bit too slow and lingering at times. The movement should be more like “Alien”, it got Lance “Aliens” Henriksen in the lead role goddamn it… The backdrop is nicely done and the acting and directing is good. Still there is more a fairytale than true terror.


Anyway, I’m looking forward to see “Pumpkinhead II”!

The Scream Factory’s 1080p-release is really nice to see and hear. And you’ve got all you wish for in the extras. Two thumbs up!