Review: House of Whipcord (1974)

The 70’s sexual liberation meets medieval pietistic sadism. That’s right, it’s due for a splendid time in the couch.



Director: Pete Walker
Stars: Penny Irving, Barbara Markham, Ray Brooks
Distributor: Redemption
Runtime: 102 mins.
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“I’m gonna make you feel ashamed off your body, I’m going to see to that personally!”

house 2

The nude model Ann-Marie meets the seducive Mark E. Desade (sounds familiar?) who invites her to meet his parents on the countryside. But what seems like a nice weekend with her new boyfriend turns into a nightmare. She’s stuck in a religious prison run by three sadistic older ladies and an half blind, partly demented, old chap. Her sin as a nude model shall be whipped into her. Will she manage to escape?

house 3

If not for the fact that Ann-Marie was a nude model, the whole thing smelled a little 50 Shades-ish. With the whips and shit. But it’s far from it. In a good way. For a b-movie.

The women are loose (not the older ladies, thank god!) and the sideburn-factor is pretty high in this english b-movie. The plot seems like a great exploitation-film, but the focus is more on the horror. A nice casting with good characters. My first, and not least, movie by cult director Pete Walker. Recommended!


Later in his career, Pete Walker gathered the big three: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee & Vincent Price in the movie “House of the Long Shadows”. Also recommended!

Redemption has done a great job with their catalogue, and most of it is out in HD (and in my b-shelves) with lots of interviews and dedicated audio-tracks.