Review: God Forgives, I don’t! (1967)

You got to like those names: Bill San Antonio, Cat Stephens, Hutch, Bud, Rose and Tam-Tam. That’s right, it’s spaghetti-western time again!’

god cover“GOD FORGIVES, I DON’T!” (Dio perdona… Io no!)

Director: Giuseppe Colizzi
Stars: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Frank Wolff
Distributor: Star Media Entertainment
Runtime: 101 mins.

“My men will make you pay! And there’s an awful lot of them, pretty face!”


A train gets robbed for 100.000 $ in gold. Everybody but one gets killed. Bill “San Antonio” gets suspected, but isn’t he dead? Our hero “Pretty Face” (Hill) killed him 8 months ago, but after some investigations he finds out it was a prank. He obviously shot blanks at him. With his big “Friend”, Hutch (Spencer) he’s going after the vicious train robber, and the gold.

god forgives 2

The first team-up with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill is a darker affair. The comedy pops up far less than I hoped and expected. Still, it’s a damn pretty “spaghetti”. You get the typical characters, a massive bodycount and the good plot around greed and revenge. I have to say that Frank Wolff as “Bill San Antonio” delivers a superb villain of this genre!

The DVD is old, and it’s cut down to 4:3, and the quality of the picture is not the best. Still very watchable, and enjoyable!