Review: Final Exam (1981)

In the early eighties the slasher-genre was on a roll and the movie companies thought they could get away with anything as long as someone was holding a knife. This flick definitely disproves that…

final exam cover


Director: Jimmy Huston
Stars: Cecile Bagdadi, Joel Rice
Distributor: Scream factory
Runtime: 94 mins
“School’s out…forever!”

A happy college-couple (making out in a car…of course!) gets brutally murdered. The rumors and fear spreads to the nearby Lanier college just before exam. During their last exam, a couple of students are still at the campus, when a couple of stupid jocks pretend they are terrorists and “gun down” other students. After this scene to trick with their tests, pops our badass killer up from the shrubbery. Silently he starts to kill off the students one by one. The students have got their minds filled with other stupid intrigues to give a fuck.


Luckily we have ourselves a virgin heroine to rely on, when the police couldn’t care less.

We get pumped with all those typical college-clichés. The stereotypes delivers dialogue-platitudes without emberrasment.  The tension build-up in the movie is so non-existent you don’t even pause it while taking a shit. The killer strolls around with a big knife killing without any entusiasm or explanation. Who the hell is he, and what is the purpose? Who gives a fuck anyway! The characters are uninteresting and uninspiring, and than we hope for some creative murders (since we hope all of these suckers die), unfortunately there’s little to gain in that area too.



Our hope raises when the gymteacher hits the screen with bow and arrow and bad attitude, but no fucking way. A boring supplement in the slasher-genre. And since the highlight of the movie is when the whole camera team gets revealed in the window, then it’s time to stay away.

I love that Scream Factory is pumping out a lot of trashy (and not so trashy) horrors from the 80’s. The quality of the BLU-RAY and the extras are very nice! Keep ’em coming!

No big careers bursted out of this film…no shit!