JWD: Troll (1986)

yes, yes, yeeees!! I know ‘Troll 2’ is considered as one of the “best worst movies” of all time and am planing to see it. But please do watch the first one also… I did, and i enjoyed the hell out of it. As u know my good people the 80’s is my favorit decade of horror and action movies (and metal music) and Troll has that perfect 80’s atomsphere. I also adore “creature-movies” of the 80’s (u know; Critters movies, Goolies movies, Basket Case-trilogi, Garbage Pale Kids,s) and Troll also fits into that category. Please watch this epic clip with the softspoken 80’s-cult movie icon Phil Fondacaro. Oh, and the DAD’s character is named Harry Potter, coincident?