JWD: The Sinful Dwarf (1973)

ok all devoted fans…no just kidding. But What im not kidding about is that i wroth a long nice “review” on this movie that i.v seen tonigth and i fucking deleted it…again.

Yeah yeah..my youre right..again..i drank to much beer. But anyway..i, wrigth a few words on tis tomorrow nigth i guess. I can tell u this much..it,s an old forgotten danish/american sexploitation.

(DRUNKENESS UPDATE;¬†Hello fellow earth friends! I just gatta’ fill ya in. I know i ranted this movie with a low score, but that dos’ not mean its,s movie that it,s not worth while. It,s just that…that it,s so fast paced and so god damn filthy and disgusting really. Its, about trafficing where young women is kept as junkie sex slaves by a copenhagen slut in her 50’s and her adult sexual frustratied dwarf son. The filthy Building is almost a role in the movie it,s self. This is cool beer material…look out for the damn fuckebel young blond wife..poor gal)!