JWD: The Fifth Chord (1971)

A bad-ass, drunken mustagio reporter with the macho-name; ‘Andrea’ (Franco Nero) is on some case. But the question is what. You see; i got drunk, there where no subtitles (on the Blue-Underground_dvd), the plot was confusing and the dubbing was old, poorly and mumbling.

People are getting murdered and bodies falls closer and closer around Franco Nero. He often visit his exwife who he apparantly has a son with (?), but who now has a new step-dad (who is either Austrian or Australian, couldnt’ figure it out, but he sure looks alot more like a girly-man than any Australian) and Franco Nero have a damn hot blondie as a mistress, who look alooot younger then he does.

Shit, i cant even remember if Franco’s ex-wife got killed of, but i do remember who the killer is but i kinda couldnt’ figure out, way he kills (blame the beer, confusing plot and mumbling dubbing).

Still, the soundtrack by mastro Ennio Morricone is great, the camerawork is almost breath-taking, sureal and plays on wide open rooms, tunnles, ect and the murders are stylish and suspensful in the giallo-tradition.

I kinda felt this movie was a little to smart for me, and i need to see again to really get it i guess, but i im not sure if this giallo is actually that interesting.