JWD: Scarecrow (2013)

I felt like checking out this new horror movie. It ended up being just another TYPICAL American horror-flick with school teens and some teachers going to an old farm (part of a detention punishment). You of course get all the sterio types; The nice fotball-kid, the black dressed bad-manared outsiders and the nerds… Oh, and of course, just to make it exciting, a joulesy drama. Nothing original here, just one of those million other horror movies we’ve all seen. It stars the lovley Lachy Chabert with her cute ass in tight jeans and nice breast cleavage. She is actualy a verry good actoress, almost to good for this movie. Ok, scarecrow is unoriginale, but it,s gory enough and the scarecrow looks cool and scary and i liked the American farm-horror setting. It,s actualy pretty ok and will satisfy certain horror-fans.