JWD: Moon of the Wolf (1972)

Hmm… i Guess there was made an werewolf Movie for 70’s soap-opra-fans as well, and i have unfortunately seen it tonight and i hated every minute of it.

A ‘hick-flik’ from the cajun Louisiana-bayou. Should be awsome right!? Well it ain’t!! It literally injured my brain even more then i’v ever did. There is desent acting, but who cares!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????? Look at the Picture, looks awsome right, wellm nOOOOOOOOOOO!! I fuck it!! boring shit! No Gore, nothing happens. Though it had some moments, seemed like a summer-horror flik, cos’ the Norwegain country-side is a desert this days. Well, skip this one!! I listend to the lovle WENDY O’ WILLIAMS and the PLASMATICS, whil wrigthing, drunk!! R.I.P!