JWD: House by the Cemetery (1981)

Back in the day, when i was a kid i had ‘House By The Cemetery’ on VHS (still have it) and for years it was my favorit Fulci-movie. I now have it on a double Blu-ray edtition released by ‘Arrow’ and i still love it.

Bob and his parents moves from the big city (New york, New York) and up to a smal town in the state of Main (..i guess).
You see; little Bob’s dad has gotten a new job and the old house (by the cemetery) ,that they have just moved in to, is just toooo creepy (awsome) to not be a hunted house…maybe by a certain Dr. Fraudstein.?
And that’s the plot..


If you are familiar with the works of the late director; Lucio Fulci, you will know that his movies is’nt exactly known for being well produced, having mindblowing plots or impresive acting-perfomance.
They can be akward, (really) cheesy and even laughable.
But what they do have; is atmosphere, core AND gore. And there is also often a huge difference between his more or less praiced classics and his Ā«stink-bombsĀ» (even though some of them can also be entertaining and even atmospheric).

I guess mr Fulci would give me the yelling of the century; for it’s said that he didnt’ like to concider his films as b-movies.


It’s so high on (cryptic) atmosphere And GORE (oh..the gore)!
And last but not least the sad and creepy soundtrack that has forever haunted me.

P.S. With the release from ‘Arrow’, you can choose between Italian or English sub-titles. I like most, Choose the English subtitle, only becouse of the hilarious dubbing of ‘Bob’ (the child-actor; Giovanni Frezza). Many finds this voice to be really, really anoying, but i always laugh my ass off.