JWD: Big Boss 2 (1978)

allright so the creator of b-movies and beer mania is drunk again! Been watching this no-good bruceploitation tonigth staring ‘dragen lee’..i think. This is one hell of a messy and shity bruceploitation, man. But it did it,s job. Its a agent-like undercover movie, that tries to be exciting but it,s too damn..all so toghether messed up…damn good beer materiale! (I love the way this king-fu masta,s make the air moan When they hit it). But still..anywAy, iv seen several of this kind of movies (always drunk though).. They do know they,re Martial arts, man! Some are almost good, some are entertaining and some are bad, but theyre most often good beermovies. I lovd em’!