JW: Fragile (2005)

Calista Flockhart (Ally Mcbeal), looks absolutely breathtaking stunning and beautiful in this merciless and eerie ghost-flik.

Amy (Flockhart) is again up on her feet, trying hard to face reality of average day-life and travles from the U.S to Isle Of White (UK) to work as a nurse, doing night-time at this huge old gloomy childrens hospital.

But the hospital, has a dark secret…(of course) and so has Amy.
You see, the hospital has an old creepy legend; a certian ‘mecanical girl’ who lives on the second floor that has been closed off since the late 50’s. There has been several sightings, mainly by the children, but also by a few of the employees. And what’s creepier is that everybody who has seen her is either dying or has allready passed away.

fragile 3

I speak the truth when i say that ‘FRAGILE’ is the most eerie and unsettling horror movie i’ve seen in years and it compaires with ‘The Orpahanage’ (2007) when it comes to being unpleasent; a movie that gave me cold chills up and down my spine and so did this one. I was really really creeped out.
It has a lot of atmosphere like ghost-flix should have, a creepy soundtrack and moody autumnal locations. And the ghost/poltergeist; is truly a terrifying experience and i dear you to look into her eyes.

fragile 2

Now, i didnt’ put this on for the cheese. I put this on becouse i wanted to see a creepy and belivable ghost-movie and i did get that, to some degree. But, the dialog is often a little to simple, flat and it’s kinda like the actors is a little uncertian when it comes to deliver dialog to each other (not all the time, though and Calista Flockhart delivers a good nervious-brake down scene and she looks damn scary when she’s afraid ) and that kinda drags this movie down to a «b-level». And also, the special-effects, that looks really good by the way, was a little over-used in my eyes and would have fitted better in some disaster-movie insted of a ghost-flick.

But it,s still a verry recommendable horror-movie that fits good on a gloomy autums evening.