Review: The Return of Ringo (1965)

You can’t always expect sequels, though the name of the main character is in the title: Ringo, Django, Trinity, Sartana etc. This Ringo-movie came the same year as “A Pistol For Ringo” (Una pistola per Ringo) and has the great Giuliano Gemma in the leading role, yet another example to profit on the previous successes. This is a totally different character in a totally different story. Oh, those italians…

Ringo-kommt-zuruck_dvd“THE RETURN OF RINGO” (Il ritorno di Ringo)

Director: Duccio Tessari
Stars: Giuliano Gemma, George Martin, Hally Hammond
Distributor: Koch Media Germany
Runtime: 93 mins.
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“The man who isn’t afraid can only die once!”

Ringo aka Captain Montgomery Brown return to his home city Mimbres after the Civil War, just to find out that two Mexican brothers, Fuentes, has taken over both the town, his girlfriend and killed his dad. Ringo dresses up like a Mexican peasant to come closer to the brothers and get that sweet revenge.

ringo 1

The sound of the wind blowing through the whole of the movie, accompanied by an excellent soundtrack by Enio Morricone (who else?). This is a stylish spaghetti-western of classic and epic proportion. Refrences from the Bible and the Odyssey are thrown into this bubbling cauldron of violence and greed.

We’ve got characters like the frivolous flower salesman “Morning Glory”, the slutty, man-eating fortune-teller Rosita and some random (italian-looking) helpful Indian. Ingredients like these makes this a hefty but stereotypical spaghetti-western. Maybe the first Ringo-movie was better (and with bigger bodycount), still.. recommended! Good Yi-ha-cowboy-entertainment.

ringo 2

Fun facts: Giuliano Gemma was a much used stuntman before his big breakthrough in “A pistol for Ringo”(1965), he also has a small career as a sculpturer.