Review: Rasputin (1984)

This is a big costume drama with a good cast, lots of extras, horses, realistic props and excellent settings. It’s well directed and entertaining. Why the hell did they make a porn out of this?

Rasputin cover

“RASPUTIN” (Rasputin – Orgien am Zarenhof)

Director: Ernst Hofbauer
Stars: Alexander Conte, Marion Berger, Uschi Karnat
Distributor: Substance
Runtime: 121 mins.

“Madame! The miracle worker you asked for is right outside.”

Some prisoners of the Tsar gets slaughtered, but one of the escapees stumble over Rasputin in a quarrel with a jealous husband. Rasputin promise to revenge the Tsars brutallity. The rumors of the miracle monk reach the Tsarina, whose son is dying, gets healed by Rasputin, granting him a place in the Tsars palace. He’s drinking, beating, healing and fucking his way through the village and the palace.

Rasputin 3

Bearing no resemblance to the crazy monk, Alexander Conte still makes a believable Rasputin. The violence and gore slammed me in the face with fury. The surroundings and the props looks more realistic than the Hammer-film from 1966. A surprisingly well made costume drama goes porn.

If they’d cut away some of the boring porn(!) this would actually get a whole point more from me.

Rasputin - Orgien am Zarenhof

Ernst Hofbauer got notoriously famous with the Schoolgirl report-movies (Sch├╝lmadchen Report).


Of course there isn’t a trailer for this one, but hey…here’s Boney M!