Review: Milano Violenta (1976)

Italians like to rip shit off. This movie came out a year after “Dog Day Afternoon” with Al Pacino. Go figure it out!

dvd“MILANO VIOLENTA” (aka “Bloody Payroll”)

Director: Mario Caiano
Stars: Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Claudio Cassinelli, Elio Zamuto
Distributor: Trashpalace
Runtime: 91 mins.

“Do you know this hoods name?” “Well they call him “The Cat”!”

A bunch of criminals boosts into a bank, get the money and takes hostages. Two of the robbers get away with the dough, while the others have a hostage situation in the bank, surrounded by our police-heroes(?). They get their escape car (Fiat, of course). The robbers then starts to turn on each other. This is a case who runs deeper and deeper in the robbers deceitful collaboration. And the outcome is drenched in blood.


This is a movie clearly not shot in Milan and not to be associated with “Napoli Violenta” and “Roma Violenta” (two excellent euro-crimes by the way). You can’t trust anybody in this story. The plot is simple and the story floats in simple terms. The moustache-factor is high on both sides of the law. Men are men and women are naked. An ok addition to the genre.

milano 3

Elio Zamuto who played the commissioner, was probably most rembered for his Tom Selleck dubbing in Italian for the Magnum P.I. series.