JWD: Sadomania (1981)

Drunk and dont giving a fuck. loaded With beer, my only drug (more or less). Well, i had to break up my vecation to cut my dad-in-Law,s lawn.

sodomania-coverWell i didnt have to, but i felt i did, he done so much for us. I was only away in Sweden you know and when hot girlfriend said, you might get back and cut the lawn, drink some beers and watch some crappy Movie and get back to us the NeXT day, i was of course; ALL RIGTH HUN’!! But gee’ my millions of followers; the fucking lawn-mower broke Down.

I Guess i Call some relatives tomorrow who might give me some advise on why the rope is tangled. OH…on to the review.

Well, this ‘Women in prison’ flik (an EXPLOITATION sub-genre) by crap-mastro Jess Franco (Spain) was actually really good. You get all this young lovley naked blonds in lesbo-action. All the grapic lespo-sleaze you desire my friend.

And thats about it.
Revange is on the meny.
I wroth this review while listning to a LASERHAWK_album. I.ll post the link.
But Yeah, really loved this one!

Buy it @ Amazon.com (R1)


Org. posted on Facebook 18. july 2014