JWD: Puppet Master 4: The Demon (1993)

Some cool rubber-looking Egyptic demons in hell (The Totems) are out on a mission to steal back some of the magic powers that Toulon, the puppet master once stole from them. But since Toulon is dead, ‘The Totems’ must go after his inheriteds, his puppets.

pup4Well the puppets are back in the hotell from the first and second movie, Awsome!! Seems like the hotell is the arena in the Puppet Master-series, just like Camp-Crystal Lake in the ‘Friday The 13th-series’. We have now reached 1993 and it showes. Rick, a young talented researchers is the caretaker at the empty hotell, where he spend his time researching artificial intelligence witch includes having lazer-wars With his robot-friends while listning to a tape With Heavy metal-Music. He’s the cheesiest gye of the 90’s and he talk’s to him self, using Words like ‘He shoot’s-he scores’ and ‘Bingo’! 

Suddenly, his friends come over and they find the puppets and shoot’s them full of green glowing life-Magic liquid that they’re puppet master used to give them. As gratitude, the puppet’s do they’re best to protect the humans from “The Totems”.

The fourth movie in the series is a true cheese-fest and it,s gory, atmospheric and cool!! It’s kinda strange, cos’ the actors and the equipments in the movie are sooo 90’s, while the whole Wibe of the movies is actually verry 80’s.

The cheesiest puppet master-movie i’ve seen so far, but that dident’ stop me for enjoying this beer-ride. Take it!…

OH! I had really bad farts while i was watching this.


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Org. posted on Facebook 1. sept 2014