JWD: The Pig Keeper’s Daughter (1972)

So, last night i watched this lost sexploitation/porno/comedi that’s about this…pigkeeper’s daughter and that’s about it.¬†Oh, and she’s horny and she fucks and she’s damn sexy.

pigkeeperWell. We’re on a Texas farm, The Pigkeeper and the wife are damn afraid that theyre sweet little daughter never will get married. The acting is as wooden as the walls and the sex-scenes are long, uninteresting and sooo boring to watch.

It,s not funny and i just wanted to shot a hole through the screen. The ladies are atractive, at least 3/4 of them. But the sexiest of them all is the perky, Young, red-headed Pigkeepers daughter, who really turned me on With her slow Southern drawl.

If Your not a 70’s-porn-geek, you will be bored out of Your freaking mind.

I’ll give it two just becouse of the hot daughter and all the big breast.


Org. posted on Facebook 30. aug 2014